PassivHaus Consultancy

Passivhaus Perth are able to assist with consultancy services to architects, designers, builders and clients on all aspects of Passivhaus design and routes to certification.

Early involvement in the design process to explain the importance of a continuous thermal envelope and airtight layers is imperative to making the achievement of a high-performance building envelope simple, efficient and cost effective.

Achieving thermal bridge free design is simple if the concepts are well understood, but difficult, if not impossible to achieve if the construction system and design concept is set in place without this prior knowledge.

Passivhaus Perth are happy to guide you in the early stages and assist with the implementation of your chosen design in a way that will produce a high-performance building whilst still respecting the design concept and style selected.

Certified Passivhaus Buildings across the globe have been built in a wide range of styles and construction systems. Passivhaus is not prescriptive in materials or design. It is simply the application of Thermo Dynamics to the building envelope.

General brochure – ventilation in Passive House and low energy housing

To learn more about Passivhaus download this brochure from the Passivhaus Institute and call us to discuss your project to see how we can assist you with building a better building.