About Us

Roger Joyner

Roger’s career has spanned decades in the UK architectural & design industries covering commercial, retail, housing, industrial & property development sectors within professional practice, major multiple retail & restaurant operators & running his own design practice for 12 years prior to emigrating to Australia in 1996.

Design awards for his first home in Perth drew a steady flow of private clients for solar passive designed homes culminating in the 2010 ‘South Perth House’ which won most of the Western Australian Housing Industry Association GreenSmart awards in 2013 as well as their national award for Energy Efficiency and the WA Building Designers Association award for best Sustainable Residential Building in 2014.

Feeling passionate about the GHG emissions from wasted energy and seeing that there were still further improvements to be made to energy efficiency through improvements to the thermal envelope, Roger undertook training in New Zealand to become a Passivhaus Consultant and now specialises in the design of ultra-low energy homes in Western Australia.

The formation of Passivhaus Perth in 2015 confirmed a commitment to sustainable building design that provides quality assurance in the completed building envelope to provide high levels of thermal comfort and a healthy indoor environment with resultant ultra-low energy use as a by-product of the ‘Fabric First’ concept embodied within the Passivhaus system.

The supply and installation of heat recovery ventilation systems from Zehnder to provide constant 24/7 filtered fresh air throughout our client’s buildings with balanced extraction from wet areas came as an adjunct to Passivhaus and has been followed by the provision of air tightness products from Pro Clima, two of the highest performing brands associated with Passivhaus.

Consultancy services are offered to clients, architects, designers, and builders to cover, Passivhaus design, thermal envelope design, elimination/reduction of thermal bridging, heat recovery ventilation, air-tightness detailing and blower door testing with the aim of producing high quality building envelopes and the resultant improvement in occupant satisfaction and health.

Our goal is to facilitate the elimination of fuel poverty for those most vulnerable in society and make the benefits of a healthy environment available to all.