PassivHaus Building Design

After pursuing higher performance in the building envelope for a decade and receiving awards for energy efficient buildings Passivhaus became the obvious solution.

The aim of the standard is to build healthy and comfortable homes using a ‘FABRIC FIRST’ approach that produces energy efficient buildings as a by-product of achieving high performance building envelopes.

Much of this is set in the design stage and can make the achievement relatively simple if buildings are designed in the right way from the outset.

Passivhaus Perth are immensely proud to have designed the first Certified Passivhaus in WA which has turned out to be the first to achieve the Passivhaus Premium standard in Australia and one of only 10 in the world when it was certified in 2017.

Any form of construction can be selected but good levels of continuous insulation and high-performance windows are a must. Winter heating is minimal, good summer shading is essential and the need for extensive northern glazing is eliminated.

Building tight eliminates the cold drafts of uncontrolled air infiltration. Good health is assured by controlled ventilation with heat recovery making your home feel fresh 24 hours a day with energy costs lower than the cost of reheating or re-cooling the uncontrolled air movement in a poorly constructed building.

General brochure – ventilation in Passive House and low energy housing

To learn more about Passivhaus download this brochure from the Passivhaus Institute and call us to discuss your project to see how we can assist you with building a better building.