Solar PhotoVoltaic Power

Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) Power has now become very affordable and the financing costs are now less than the purchase costs of energy and will continue to prove financially sensible as energy costs increase over time.

The reduced consumption of electricity produced from burning fossil fuels and the consequential greenhouse gas emissions that affect our climate is critical to our continued comfortable existence on our tiny fragile planet.

There are two great benefits to PV power generation at your home site:

  • It uses solar power to produce the electricity rather than burning fossil fuels and their effect on our atmosphere.
  • It is produced where it is used so eliminating the massive losses incurred in transmission. And what you don’t use and return to the system is used local to your generation point and continues to mitigate those losses incurred by your neighbours when using the grid.

The systems have become very simple and are reducing in cost all the time as advances are made in the technology. Grid connected systems have the advantage of selling the power back into the power grid and stand alone systems can completely eliminate the sometimes prohibitive cost of overland transmission line installation. All protect the consumer from the inevitable increases in the cost of power and are very appropriate where budgets permit their installation.