Orientation, Aspect & Prospect

In traditional urban environments the street frontage was the main façade and little thought was given to the rear or flanks of buildings except where driven by the need for access or windows to internal rooms. Relationship of rooms within the layout has been the main concern with little or no consideration of outward views.

There has been a long awareness of the benefits of climatic orientation but standardisation of commercial designs driven by economics has seen the loss of capitalisation of views and attributes of landscape and in some instances a complete waste of opportunities and invested capital.

It is imperative that the attributes of any home site be carefully considered and incorporated into the layout design. How it looks in the landscape/streetscape and what views are attainable from the selected location. Steep slopes will dictate axis lines along contours, views should be optimised from major interior spaces and the approach route and views must be considered to make the most of the investment in the land selected.