Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Carbon dioxide, and other harmful gasses that are contributing to global warming and resultant climatic variations, are emitted when fossil fuels are burnt. They are burnt to produce electricity, much of which is lost in transmission, which in turn is used to manufacture all the materials and products we include in our homes. All the elements, from raw material to workers transport, assembly and packaging, shipping and delivery to construction on the home site all incur energy use either in the form of electricity or oil based transport or production. Each one creates an amount of greenhouse gas emissions and when totalled leave a legacy that will have an effect on us and future generations.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse are bywords today and reduction is certainly advisable in our methods of construction. Large quantities of heavy material need excessive energy, not only to manufacture but also to transport and assemble. Any reduction of the quantity of material in our homes reduces the energy footprint and the greater the reduction the greater the saving. With modern technology the strength of lightweight materials and systems allows us to build comfortable homes with far less energy input in transport from ore to on site labour.

The development of modern design transportable and framed homes, produced in well controlled yards close to local labour sources and central supply routes, eliminates enormous amounts of transport energy and waste and is a very sensible option for more remote home sites.

We save vast amounts of petrol by driving smaller, lighter, and safer and more comfortable and economical vehicles than we did thirty years ago. We can do the same with our houses. Why wouldn’t you?