Design Services

Building an individual home is a considerable expense in time, money and emotional effort.

When considering such a large investment it is clearly a poor decision to accept a product that is not suited as closely as possible to you and your family’s needs and desires or fails to make the best use of the attributes of the home site selected.

The layout of many homes is dictated by the topography and natural surroundings of the home site. Maximizing the passive solar benefits of climatic orientation can conflict with these qualities and the successful resolution of all the constraints along with the realistic needs of the occupants can, on occasions, be a very torturous exercise. In many cases, however, the solutions are obvious to an experienced professional who will often be able to advise on a sensible option as soon as visiting the home site.

It is unwise to ever accept a design solution from someone who feels that a successful design can be accomplished without the need for visiting and spending some time on your new home site to be become fully aware of the local conditions and how the home will benefit from the its location and orientation on the land and how it will sit in the landscape.

There are many facets to a successful resolution of an individual home design and many threads that need to be woven together to create the best outcome for proud new owners.

This process needs, by definition, to be focused, structured and exhaustive whilst still retaining the freedom to be creative in formulating the individual solution to your very specific needs, hopes and desires.

You will find on this website a selection of projects and an overview of many of the facets that should be considered when traversing the route to a successful solution such as the creation of the Design Brief and the benefits of 3D Modeling, together with links to other informative and product websites that will help in understanding the options and possibilities that are open to you.

My services can be tailored to suit your requirements and I’m happy to come along with you as far as you feel is necessary in the creation of all the necessary documentation to enable you to commence construction with your selected builder.

As the extent of involvement and design input can vary so much from project to project and client to client fees are based on an hourly rate and invoiced in stages as our work on the project proceeds.

In general, projects include the following stages:

  • Site visit;
  • Client discussions;
  • Formulation of the Design Brief;
  • Creation of existing topography from surveyor’s data;
  • Creation of initial 3D model for comment;
  • Adjustments as necessary to the 3D model;
  • Creation of documentation and application for Planning Approval where necessary;
  • Creation of detailed documentation for Building License Application and builder’s tendering.

If, once you have browsed the website, you feel that the style of design and construction shown in the examples matches your own views feel free to call any time to discuss your own project.