Design Brief

Building an individual home includes numerous elements that come from the principles of solar passive design, the topographical and environmental constraints of the home site, the climatic conditions in the local area, the requirements of the Planning R Codes and local Planning Policies of the relevant local City or Shire, the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and all the referenced Australian Standards and the limitations and locations of utility services available, before we even get to the simple space and arrangement needs of those occupying the home and its associated service areas.

Without a clear view of all of these constraints and parameters at the outset it is clear that some element will emerge from the mire as the builder “turns the first sod” and leave you disappointed about the final outcome before you start or incur more cost during the process.

For this reason I believe that the creation of a detailed design brief by the designer, based on detailed discussion with the clients is imperative at the outset. This enables a fresh review by the client to ensure that there is a full understanding between all the parties before the design process begins and eliminates, or at least restricts, wanderings in the wilderness of uncertainty and indecision, both of which incur wasted time and money and potentially lead off into unfruitful solution examinations and make the progress towards the optimum solution slow and threaten unsuitable outcomes if focus is allowed to blur.