Designed for a professional winemaking couple the house constitutes a generous living space accessible from the north via a sheltered courtyard approach. The main views are to the south so the bedroom wings have been split to provide a section of northern glazing into the lounge/entry and full width clerestory windows have been used to provide solar access to the lounge and the inner core rooms.

Double glazed UPVC frames were selected for all doors and windows to allow for increased glazing to the south in the living area and to provide through breezeway ventilation for summer cooling.

The walls were proposed in Hebel Power Wall Panels for insulation and lightness whilst still providing a solid feel and base for the required render finish and unpierced Zincalume tray roof panels selected for the very shallow roof slopes and special gutters.

Solar chimneys were included to increase the natural extraction flow rate of warmed summer air out of the main living area.