A young professional couple plan to replace their own original framed home with a new modern, high-tech building incorporating a range of unique solutions.

High insulation values of Hebel Power wall system will form the external walls and long span highly insulated polystyrene sandwich panels will form the distinctive butterfly roof which is the anchor design feature of this new home.

Boat storage and space for major sports and leisure equipment and dedicated pet run form a major part of the design brief. With a north-west/south-east aspect, triangular courts have been formed either side of the house to provide a northerly sun trap and solar access court off the main open plan living area and a southerly cool court with planting fed by recycled grey water provide a cool microclimate to supply cool make-up air, replacing warm air flushed from the high level window vents in the living area.

The northerly bedrooms incorporate solar shading screens and overlook the lap pool slotted alongside the north-easterly boundary.

The Master Bedroom with its free form en-suite pod has access to the cool court and a utility drying court along the street frontage directly accessible to the laundry adjacent the split level dress circle kitchen. The sunken lounge provides a punctuated core to the centre of the house and is crossed by the central bottom rib of the butterfly with its wide central gutter collecting rain water for storage in the below ground concrete tank under the roadside drying court, for mitigation of rising utility prices over future years.