Heat Recovery Ventilation

Constant Fresh Air is essential to Human Health

We all need around 30 cubic meters of fresh air every hour to stay healthy & alert. You know the feeling of stuffy air and the tiredness that creeps on in the evening when carbon dioxide levels in our homes are creeping up. It only gets worse overnight when we shut our bedroom doors and keep the room shut up.

It’s always been good practice to sleep with windows open for a really good night sleep. But how many of us are happy to do this on a cold winter night or even in summer when you’ve cooled down the bedroom only to let in all that hot air and noise from outside. We don’t – so there has to be an answer in this day & age.

There is – it’s Heat Recovery Ventilation with Zehnder’s HRV from PASSIVHAUS PERTH

Filtering Supply Air Removes Dust & Pollen

Dust seems to creep up on us all the time. It’s under the furniture; on any and every horizontal surface in no time. Filtering the fresh air that comes into your home combats this build up and means that you will not be taking in the pollution from outside with every breath.

Filtering the incoming air removes critters, pollen & allergens and makes breathing easy for sufferers as well as cutting cleaning & dusting time.

You can breathe easy with Zehnder’s Heat Recovery Ventilation from PASSIVHAUS PERTH.

Removing Stale, Contaminated air removes Pollutants

As we use up Oxygen, we breathe out carbon dioxide, in warm weather just in the same way as we can see huff on cold mornings. This builds up in in our homes and eventually reaches toxic levels. We’ve heard about VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and off-gassing from furnishings and plastics and glues in our homes and home toxic these can be when they build up in enclosed, unventilated spaces in our homes.

To make the home fresh again these gasses must be diluted and removed along with all the other odours and pollutants we create. The extract systems we usually install in our homes to take away odours and moisture simple create drafts of cold or hot air leaking in from outside with more moisture, dust & pollen and cause us to use more energy to bring the temperature back to comfort levels.

All this can be achieved in one automatic process with a balanced Heat Recovery Ventilation System from PASSIVHAUS PERTH

Removing Moisture prevents Condensation, Mould and Allergens

High relative humidity is caused by increased moisture in the air from cooking, showering, clothes washing and particularly drying, and can be clearly seen in the form of condensation on cold surfaces. The resulting dampness is a perfect breeding ground for the mould which produces spores that cause allergies.

Removing the moist air from bathrooms and laundries and from over stove tops with extract fans reduces the problem of condensation but at an enormous cost in lost energy. Utilising a balanced heat recovery ventilation system from Zehnder eliminates this moisture threat from your home without inducing uncomfortable drafts.

Whole House Ventilation

Fresh air is supplied to all living areas so those cold rooms or overheated upstairs spaces are a thing of the past. Hot, stale contaminated air extracted from your bathrooms, toilets, laundry and kitchen passes through a heat recovery core inside your ventilation unit and the heat leaving your home tempers the incoming fresh air at up to 95% efficiency.

The same temperature air is supplied to all rooms in your home so there are no more stifling unusable rooms. The same process works in summer with the cooling energy being captured and recycled into the incoming fresh air – reducing heating & cooling costs whilst still giving you whole house comfort conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Everything in the Zehnder system is designed for energy efficiency. The flexible ducts have a smooth inside surface to reduce air resistance so the fans use less energy and make the system whisper quiet.

The cost of running the high efficiency DC fan motors is far outweighed by the savings in energy to reheat or cool the incoming air and when the air outside is cooler than you’ve set in summer the unit automatically opens the Summer Bypass and gives you free cooling without heat recovery.

Passivhaus Perth are authorised installers for Zehnder heat recovery ventilation units and there is a model in their range to suit every size of home.

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