Residential Passivhaus Ventilation – Q&A

As you know, one my favourite Passivhaus resources is Elrond Burrell’s website. Elrond’s blog is informative and easy to read.

I wanted to share a recent post of his with you, where Elrond discusses a number of common questions about Ventilation in residential Passivhaus buildings.

A passivhaus home in almost all climates across the world will include a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery – such systems are required for both energy efficiency and for comfort. However, this is an often poorly understood aspect of passivhaus.

In this post,  Elrond and Zehnder, a global supplier of Passivhaus Certified ventilation systems, explore various aspects of a residential passivhaus ventilation system, including:

  • How do I control the ventilation system?
  • What day-to-day interaction do I need to have with the ventilation system?
  • What is the boost function and when should I use it?
  • When should I switch the ventilation system off?
  • and more…

It is an informative and interesting read – and can be read here:


Passivhaus Design & Build Podcast

This is a great podcast with two of the top proponents for Passivhaus in the UK (Elrond Burrell and Chris Herring) talking about aspects of design & how the standard of construction really matters with some really interesting comments about thermal mass.

It is well worth a listen.

You can find it here:



Elrond Burrell – Ten Things

Elrond Burrell is an architect in UK who is very active in the Passivhaus field.

Elrond posts a lot of interesting articles and I will be highlighting a few of them on this site. This is the first of them: Passivhaus is like having your eyes opened for the first time. Trouble then is – what was going on in the dark before!

Elrond Burrell – Ten Things I Hate about Passivhaus